Chris Erickson


    I'm a geek at heart and I have followed that into my professional career. At the age of 24 I opened a toy and collectible retail shop.


    What made that business successful was my ability to work with the community and provide something that most couldn't. but I also had knowledge in the creative world and could make wacky facebook ads and build a youtube channel to grow the businesses brand, and that got me thinking small businesses like mine don't usually possess that kind of knowledge or even the ability to afford to hire a creator to do that,


    So I sold my business to be the voice for smaller business that otherwise would be drowned out by the "bigger" guys. I'm not here to be a transition, I'm here for you to lean on and help you make your impact!


Limited missions available

Lets Plan your Mission

Missions are fit to your needs, whatever it may be. but to help you get started I have 3 starter set up missions here. I'm video focused BUT I have photo and other services available as an add on. If you would like a custom mission planned please feel free to send me a message.


curiosity session 

What is a Curiosity session? 

This is a free scheduled 1 on 1 meeting to see

if we're going to be a good fit for one another.

The Cre8 Program has limited space available and

I want to make sure I fill the slots with committed 

and like minded individuals. 


During this session I will provide at least 1 strategic solution absolutely free.


If we find that the Cre8 Program isn't a good fit I still offer 1 time services.

in addition, I have online training which you can access in the Cre8 Academy tab a the top of this page.

So what are you waiting for!?

Lets chat!